Dervish Story who was smiling

Dervish Story

Here’s a Dervish Story who was sitting between the crowds and smiling and the rich man saw him and what is the reason behind your happiness?

Once a rich man lived in a town.

He has two cars in which bodyguards were there to protect him.

When he was passing by the local city market.

He saw a dervish sitting in between the crowds.

He saw that he was sitting and smiling.

When he crossed the market he forgot what he saw.

Again, a few days later he passed by the same market and saw the dervish was sitting between crowds.

He again looked at the dervish and again he was smiling.

After passing through the market, he was thinking of the dervish whom he saw two times sitting at the same place and smiling.

The next day he intentionally passed by the market and saw the dervish sitting and smiling.

He stopped the car and went towards him. the rich man asked, “Why are so smiling whenever I pass by I see you so much happy?”

The dervish replied, “Yes Master.”

He asked, “You are so happy because you have money?”

The dervish replied, “I don’t have anything, master”

The man asked, “Do you have a home or a family?”

The dervish replied with a smile, “I neither have a home nor family my master.”

The man asked, “Maybe you have a good health.”

The dervish replied, “No master, due to the cold my body shivers, and I lost all my teeth.”

He said, “Tell me then what makes you so happy as I have everything and I am unhappy?”

The dervish replied God sends problems to those whom he likes and burdens them to develop their nature.

One should be happy for what God gave us and be thankful to God every moment.


Calmness of mind is the most powerful weapon we have. If we solve the problems with the calmness of mind then every problem becomes easy to solve.


We see in life how people are unhappy with what God gave them and cry all the time.

They do not have any adventure in life only they cry and make their life unhappy.

So be calm pray to God and thank him.

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