The Sad Peacock Story who was sad because of his voice

The Sad Peacock Story

Here’s The Sad Peacock Story where he wants a voice like a nightingale but the forest Goddess make him understand that everyone is unique.

Once there was a peacock who opened his feathers and enjoyed the rain.

The rain was so pleasant that the peacock was walking with joy and dancing in the rain.

Every bird, insect, and animal enjoyed the rain in their way and the forest looks beautiful as the rain was on hot summer days.

They all started chanting, singing.

So the peacock was so happy with the rain and when he started to sing his voice didn’t support him and all enjoyment of rain was beaten.

He was very sad to know that he cannot sing in this beautiful rain.

Then the voice of nightingale came which was so pleasant and calm.

The nightingale was singing in his pure and melodious voice.

The peacock thought that why didn’t I have the pleasant voice as of nightingale.

He was very sad and all his enjoyment got lost in thinking of the pleasant voice.

That day the forest goddess was in the round of the forest to observe all animals.

She saw every animal to be pleasant and in good mood due to the rain in the hot summer.

Then the forest goddess look at the peacock who was sobbing.

She went to know the reason and the peacock asked her why have I not given the voice like a nightingale.

She replied, everybody in this jungle has got their own special behavior and everybody is happy with it.

Everyone in this jungle is unique and has got their own characters.

So you should not compare yourself with the nightingale because she can’t open up feathers like you and dance.

So everyone has its own uniqueness.

Then the peacock understood why nightingale has got such a pleasant and pure voice.


Make the best of what you have rather be unhappy about what you don’t have.


We see in life how people complain about not having things or stuff.

But if they concentrate on what they have then they will understand why God gave them the position.

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