The Broken Pot Story one of the pots was broken

The Broken Pot Story

Here’s The Broken Pot Story where the pot bearer doesn’t know why pot got half emptied reaching his destination. let’s see why?

Once there was a water bearer who used to carry water into pots.

There were two pots at both sides of the stick.

The stick used to be at the shoulder of the water bearer.

When he bought empty pots and fill water and then take the pots back to his master.

When he reached his destination he used to see that one of the pots was half empty.

He is serving as the water bearer for 2 years.

And when he thinks why is one of the pots get empty while the other one was full of water.

One day when he was carrying water in his pot and when reached his master’s house he saw one pot was full of water and the other was half empty.

The pot said to the boy, “Hey boy sorry for your difficulties which you have to face because of me”

The boy didn’t understand but the pot said to the pot bearer, “Describe what you see whenever you went to fill the pots and also the returning”

The boy replied, “After crossing the village there is barren land but after some distance, there are flowers grown but only on one side”

The pot said, “When you returned after filling your pot but the left pot was broken from the bottom so half of the water was dropped on the plants and now after watering for 2 years the plants are bearing beautiful flowers

The boy shocked that he is watering plants for 2 years.

He didn’t knew then he understands why plants grown only on one side.


Sometimes the flaws come as blessings in the future without knowing the person himself.


We see in life how people do mischief then it becomes someone’s problem but the flaws we do sometimes come as blessings to us.

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