How to Stay Focused on Your Goals, diamond mine

How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

Here’s How to Stay Focused on Your Goals story where the boy who dared to cross the pond and achieve the goal ignoring the distractions.

Once there was a village in India.

In the village, there was a mysterious pond after the forest.

On the other side of the pond, there was a mine of diamonds that always sparkled.

To reach the diamond mine one has to cross the pond but the one who wants to cross the pond doesn’t return back.

The villagers heard that someone would try to cross the pond, and all the things that the person liked started coming out of the pond like gold coins, jewelry, diamonds, silvers, etc.

And a melodious voice started calling to the person saying that you can get all the gold and silver by picking it up.

The one who follows the voice falls inside the pond and never returns back.

Many people tried hard to get the diamonds but everyone caught in greed and trapped.

The king of the village announced that the one who crossed the pond and brought the diamonds then I will give him whatever he wanted.

The villagers were not ready to go there but a young boy was there who was smart in the village.

He decided to try his luck because this was the only and might be the last chance to make his life better.

He soon took the boat and reached the middle of the pond.

As usual beautiful clothes, jewelry, golden coins, silver, and diamonds came out of the pond.

But the young boy knew if he got attracted to those things then he would fall into the trap.

So he ignored it and kept moving forward.

Then bags of money and boxes full of gold came out of the pond.

But still, he ignored all those things.

After some time the melodious voice called the boy to take all the things so that he could become rich and spend a wealthy life.

He didn’t stop and reached the other side of the pond.

Then he found a cave. As he entered the cave he saw that everywhere there were diamonds.

He packed diamonds and brought them back to his village and then presented them to the king.

The king appreciated the boy and appointed him minister of that state.


We should never deviate from our goals.


We see in life how people get deviated and they lose everything.

So, remember your goal and work hard to achieve it.

God said, “Undoubtedly, along with hardship there is ease.”

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