Fear Story of the waves

Fear Story

Here’s Fear Story where wave who fears looking at the shore thought of crashing but the big wave make him understand that you are a ocean.

Once there was a little wave flowing along the ocean.

He was enjoying the wind, the sun, the fresh air, and the sea just going fast and enjoying going so fast next to all the other waves.

He thought that this will be forever.

He rides all along the ocean and he never stops.

But one day he saw something that he never saw before.

He saw a shore and the waves one after the other started crashing against the shore.

One of his friend’s wave told him oh my god it’s terrible, what will be going to happen us?

The little wave tries to turn around but he can’t.

The little wave was going without stopping toward the shore.

And there was a big wave who was next to him and he saw the first wave very terrified.

So he said to him, “Hey little friend what’s the matter?”

The little wave said, “You don’t understand we are all going to crash, all of us waves are going to be nothing.”

The bigger wave said, “Oh little wave you don’t understand you are not just a little wave you are part of the ocean. You are one with the ocean and all of the ocean is within you. You will never disappear and you will always be a part of this ocean .”


The biggest lesson of life is never to be scared of anyone or anything.


We see in life how we see ourselves as small but we never know that we are a part of something bigger.

So never be scared and go for it whatever it is you want.

Never forget that whatever happens, we all are one and we are a part of humanity.

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