How to Become Successful in Life and boy standing in front of a huge tree

How to Become Successful in Life

Here’s How to Become Successful in Life story where the plant grew into a small tree when kept inside but it grew huge when kept outside.

Once there was a boy came to meet his grandpa in the village during his summer holidays.

The boy used to play with his grandpa every day.

One day he asked his grandpa when I grew up I want to become a successful man.

Can you tell me some ways to be successful?

The grandpa nodded yes.

Then he took the boy to a nearby nursery and bought two small plants.

He then planted one in a pot and kept it inside the house and planted the other one outside the house.

The grandpa asked, “What do you think which of the two plants will grow better in the future?”

The boy thought for a while and said, “The plant inside the house will grow better because it is safe from every danger. While the plant which is outside is in danger of many things like strong sunlight, storms, and animals.”

Grandpa smiled and said, “Let’s see what will happen in the future.”

The boy left with his parents. After 4 years boy came to visit his grandfather again.

When the boy saw his grandpa he asked, “Last time I asked you some ways to be successful but you did not tell me anything but this time you have to tell me.”

Grandpa smiled and said sure but first, let’s take a look at plants that we bought a few years back.

Grandpa took the boy inside the house where he planted the tree four years ago.

The boy saw that the plant turned into a small tree.

Soon he took the boy to look at the plant which they had planted outside. there they saw that a huge tree stood its branches spread far and wide providing shade to passers-by.

Now the grandpa looked at the boy and asked which plant grew more, which is more successful?

The boy replied the one which we planted outside.


You become stronger with every problem you face and every obstacle you overcome.


We see in life how people fear problems and don’t want to face them.

If you are ready to face the world despite all the dangers then no goal is impossible to achieve.

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