Story of Pride, sculptors making sculptures

Story of Pride

Here’s a Story of Pride where the sculptor who hid between his idols and thought that the god of death will be able to find him.

Once there was a man who lived in a village.

He was a sculptor who made beautiful sculptures.

Everyone who looked at his sculptures seemed to come to life.

Every nearby village knows him and also from the town people come to buy idols from him.

People admired his sculptures so the man who make the idols was proud of himself.

And he makes idols his entire life.

One day his health was not good.

So he took bed rest but as the day passed by he knew that he won’t be alive much longer.

He was now worried that he will die soon. So, he made a plan to confuse the God of death.

He made ten idols of himself and stand between them to confuse the god of death.

When the god of death came to take the soul of the man, he saw eleven idols.

He was confused between these idols which one is the human being.

Then he started thinking.

If he can’t take the soul of the man then the law of nature will be broken.

On the other hand, he can’t break the idols because the skill will be insulted.

So, he thought to take the test of the human being worst nature.

He looked at all the idols and told to himself loudly that the idols seem to be real but there is a mistake in the idols.

If the man who made these idols was in front of me then I must have told him his mistakes.

After listening to this the man who hid in between the idols thought that he dedicated all his life making the idols and he is saying there is a mistake.

So, the sculptor answered the god of death, where is the fault show me?

The god of death grabbed the man and told him that you made a mistake by showing pride.

As the idols don’t speak.


Pride always gets nothing but trouble and sorrow in life.


We see in life how people get egoistic and make huge mistakes.

The only way to get closer to God is to step on your ego which are worldly desires and the other step will get you closer to your God.

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