Foolish Story of a man who was very foolish

Foolish Story

Here’s a Foolish Story where a boy named Danny was very foolish but at the end he realizes his mistakes and learned lesson.

Once there was a boy named Danny who was very foolish.

He was an orphan boy who worked in a house whose owner is Mr. Roy.

Danny was so foolish that he does mistakes regularly.

Mr. Roy’s family was upset with Danny’s work.

Danny was a very hard-working boy and sincere in his work.

He does the work on time but sometimes he does mistakes.

One day when Mr. Roy decided to paint his house so Danny asked his master why are you painting your house.

Mr. Roy replied, “After painting the house will become beautiful”

Then Mr. Roy said Danny to dress her little daughter.

Danny painter the face of the little girl and when Mr. Roy scolded, “What are you doing?”

Danny replied, “The paint will make her beautiful”

The next day Mr. Roy gave a letter to Danny and told him to post it in the letterbox.

After two hours Danny returned and when asked why so much time?

He replied, “The letterbox was locked so I was trying to open the box but couldn’t open and I don’t have the keys. So I brought the envelop back”

Mr. Roy got angry and didn’t talk to Danny for some days.

One day Mr. Roy gave Danny a bottle of hair oil and told him to oil his hair every day.

Danny took the bottle of oil and put it in his bedroom.

The next day after Danny took the bath he opened the bottle and pour the liquid into his hair.

After some time his hair sticks and when he went to Mr. Roy when he smelt he found that the liquid was not oil it was gum.

There were two identical bottles in which one has oil and the other contains the gum.

Then Mr. Roy took Danny to the barber and cut all his hair.

Then Danny took a lesson that what work will do he will do it with dedication and with open-minded.

So that the mistake will not be repeated.


One must always be alert and careful in doing any work.


We see in life how we do mistake every time but never learn.

The man who gets success will always learn from his mistakes and never repeat them again.

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