How to Know Yourself from the peacock story

How to Know Yourself

Here’s a How to Know Yourself Inspiring story where the crow who thought to be most beautiful spend his entire life in the cage.

Once there was a crow that lived in a forest.

He used to live happily.

One day when he was flying in the sky he saw a beautiful bird.

He went to the white bird.

The crow asked what is your name?

The bird replied, goose.

The crow got happy and told to the goose friend you are so beautiful and your color is white.

I wonder if you live a very happy and beautiful life.

The goose replied there is a bird who is more beautiful than me.

The crow was surprised and asked, “Who?”

The goose replied, “Parrot

The crow flew high in search of the parrot.

He found the parrot and went to him.

He was surprised to see that the parrot was green in color and his neck was red.

Then the crow asked the parrot, friend you are so beautiful you are living such and beautiful and happy life.

The parrot replied you are right but there is a bird who is more beautiful than me.

The crow again got confused and asked who?

The parrot replied peacock.

Then the crow flew high and went in search of the peacock.

He couldn’t find the peacock in the forest but somehow he found it in the zoo.

He went to the zoo and saw that people were taking pictures with the peacock.

So the crow got jealous but after some time he went to the peacock and said you are so beautiful and you are happily living your life.

The peacock got sad and replied to the crow I am beautiful but my entire life will be spent in this cage.

The peacock told Crow you are so lucky that you could fly where ever you want and could live your life as you want.


Don’t compare yourself with others because God has made a unique you in the whole world.


We see in life how people don’t know their strengths and compare them with others.

Then they feel like why I was not him.

But they don’t know that God has given them more strength than others.

So know yourself and work on yourself so that you could be a better human being.

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