Believe In God where a rich man stuck in the island

Believe In God

Here’s a Believe In God inspiring story where rich man who believed in God and he gets the blessing as he was saved from the island.

Once there was a rich man who lived in a city.

He was a believer of God and always thank God for giving him such a beautiful and prosperous life.

One day he was wandering near the sea and thought that let’s take a boat and went in between the sea to feel nature.

He rented a boat and went in between the sea.

Then a storm arrived and his boat was going to sink.

He wore a life jacket and jumped into the sea.

He swims and reached an island. When he carefully reached the island, he looked up and thanked god for saving his life.

The man said to God you saved my life otherwise I would have died in the storm.

You saved my life so you will only lead the way.

Now he was hungry so he entered the island and he saw many fruits.

As days passed by it became his daily routine.

He every day prayed to God to send him help so that he could return to his home.

As the days passed by his confidence level started decreasing as no help came till now but he still believed that one day god will send help.

Then he thought that let’s make a hut in which he will sleep.

So, he constructed a hut with the help of wood and leaves.

After three days he completed constructing his hut.

As the construction got over, he was standing outside the hut and thinking that today he will be sleeping inside the hut.

Suddenly the weather got changed, the sky got dark and it started thundering.

Then one of the lightings struck his hut.

The hut started getting into ashes.

Now the man’s confidence came to zero as he sits down and telling to God, I constructed a hut and you turned it into ashes.

Then he heard a voice, he ran towards the shore and saw that two people were standing.

They both were calling him and telling him we came here to rescue you.

The man asked how did you come to know about me?

They said from far away we saw a burning hut so we thought that there might be someone who is giving us the signal by burning his hut.

The rich man looked up and thank God.


Have faith in God as God has faith in you.


We see in life how people complain to God about every small thing they don’t have.

But of course, God has a plan for everyone who believes in him and also who doesn’t.

So believe in God as he has created and to him is the return.

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