How to Solve Problems in Life camels story

How to Solve Problems in Life

Once there was a man who lived in a village.

He was always troubled by one or the other problem and was not happy with his life.

One day he got to know that a Zen master came into his village.

He decided to met him and find out the solutions to his problems.

When he met the Zen master, he told him all his problems, and in the end, the Zen master told him that he will solve his problems tomorrow morning meanwhile can you do me a favor?

The man agreed and the Zen master continued a rich merchant of this village has gifted me a hundred camels so tonight I want you to take care of them and if they all sit down then you can go to sleep.

Saying this Zen master went to his tent and the man went to look after the camels for the night.

The next morning Zen master went to the man and asked, “Dear, did you sleep last night?”

The man became sad and replied I couldn’t sleep for a moment.

I tried a lot but couldn’t get all the camels to sit together at a time.

Some camels sat down but some camels didn’t sit despite my efforts.

If one sits then someone else will stand from some other side and this went on all tonight.

There hasn’t been a time overnight when all the camels would sit down.

Zen master smiled and said if I am not wrong then what happened all night, many camels sat down on their own.

Many camels sat because of your effort.

Others didn’t even sit even after trying to make them sit.

And then you found that some of them sat themselves with the passage of time.

Man replied, “Yes, that’s exactly what happened.”

Zen master said you see problems in life are like that some of them will solve on their own, some will be solved with your efforts and some will not be solved even with efforts.

So leave these kinds of problems on time.

They will solve at right time by themselves.


Solve the problems or leave the problem but do not live with the problem.


We see in life how people don’t face problems for their entire life so they remain sad and disappointed.

But if they live happily despite the problems then their life will be beautiful because problems are a part of life.

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