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Story of Pride, sculptors making sculptures

Story of Pride

Here’s a Story of Pride where the sculptor who hid between his idols and thought that the god of death will be able to find him. Once there was a man who lived in a village. He was a sculptor who made beautiful sculptures. Everyone who looked at his sculptures seemed to come to life. […]

The Clever Monkey Story

The Clever Monkey Story

Here’s The Clever Monkey Story where the monkey with his clever mind ride on the lion’s back and said lazy lion its no time to rest. Once there was a lion that lived in a jungle. He doesn’t belong to that jungle he came from far away to live in this jungle. Every animal was […]

The Greedy Crow sitting on the branch

The Greedy Crow

Here’s The Greedy Crow as the crow understands why greed leads to loss of energy, time and at the end didn’t get the destination. Once there was a crow who lived in a beautiful forest. As the day was passing by the crow’s greediness was at his peak. One day when he was flying in […]

Short Story About Hatred and bag of tomatoes
Student Teacher Stories

Short Story About Hatred

Here’s a Short Story About Hatred where the students who learned to keep their heart pure by forgiving them whom they hate. Once there was a class going and the teacher told all the students to bring tomatoes in a bag. The condition to bring the tomatoes is the number of people you hate will […]


The Seven Wonders Story

Here’s The Seven Wonders Story Moral is a nine year old girl story who came from village and taught a lesson about the wonders of the world Anna was a 9 year old girl who lived in a village. She passed the 4th grade from the school which is situated in her village. Now she […]

The Real Mother Story Moral of holding hands

The Real Mother Story Moral

Here’s The Real Mother Story Moral where the women who don’t bear her child’s pain loss the game and the other woman win. Once in a village two women were fighting for a child. The matter was taken to the village’s chief. The chief asked the matter. The first woman said, “when I was bathing […]

Dishonest Milkman Story crossing the river to city

Dishonest Milkman Story

Here’s a Dishonest Milkman Story where the milkman mixes water with milk and earn a good amount of profit. But why was he crying let’s see Once there was a milkman who lived in a village. Day by day the demand for milk was increasing. His customers were fixed in the city. In the morning […]

Helping Others Story of a mousetrap
Life Story

Helping Others Story

Here’s a Helping Others Story where a mouse got feared with mousetrap but how life plays game at the end. let’s see how they didn’t help. Once there was a mouse who lived in a village. The mouse irritated the wife of the farmer. One day when the farmer’s wife opened a box so the […]

Saint Story where he is telling sorry whom he hurt

Saint Story

Here’s a Saint Story where the saint teaches his disciple how to control anger and told you have only seven days left. let’s see Once there was a saint who was in discourse with his disciples. His disciples say the saint guru. One day when saint was talking about behavior one man entered the room […]

King and Wise Man story
King Stories

King and Wise Man

Here’s a King and Wise Man story where a wise minister of the king gave the solution to the problem and earn rewards. Once there was a prosperous king who loved his kingdom. All his countrymen were happy to have a king like him. Kingdom got prosperous in the reign of the king and never […]