Halloween Story in English where witch and a little girl

Halloween Story in English

Here’s a Halloween Story in English where a little girl went to the wicked witch and what happens let’s read the story.

Once there was a little girl who lived in the village.

She was a dishonest and stubborn girl.

Whatever she decided to do she will do it anyhow.

One day she approach her mother and asked her to visit the old witch.

The girl had heard good things about the witch.

So she wanted to visit the witch.

Her mother didn’t agree and make her daughter understand the old witch is not a good woman.

Mother continued the witch was wicked and perform magical things.

When her father listened that her daughter wanted to visit the wicked witch then he also told her not to visit her because she performs godless deeds.

But the girl didn’t understand and went to meet the witch at her cottage alone.

The witch saw the girl with fear and asked her, “why are you fearing”

The girl with a fearful voice said, “Entering your cottage I saw a black man.”

The witch replied, “Oh he was a coal miner.”

The girl said, “Then I saw a grey man”

The witch replied, “That was a sportsman”

The little girl said, “next I saw a blooded-man”

The witch replied, “That is a butcher”

The girl paused for a moment as she was fearing.

Then the girl said, “This was nothing, when I peeked through the window I saw a two-headed animal”

The witch smiled and stopped for a moment.

Then the witch peacefully said to the frightened girl, “I have been waiting for you.”

With the loudly wicked laughter she said, “You have seen the real face of the witch”

And suddenly the witch threw a light which turned a little girl into a block of wood.


Kid’s must listen to their elder so that they can’t take the wrong path. If you listen to your parents then only your life will become beautiful and successful.


We see in life how kids don’t listen to their parents and put themselves into a big problem.

If you want a wonderful life then start listening to your parents.

Your life will become easy and perfect.

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