The Magic Pencil on a notebook Story

The Magic Pencil Story

Here’s The Magic Pencil Story where the boy draw a leaf and it came to life and he helped the need with that pencil let’s see how?

Once there was a boy who lived in a town with his mother.

One day he went with his mother to an antique store.

When they entered the store the boy’s eye fell on a unique pencil.

He called his mother and insist her buy him the pencil.

His mother asked, “Are you sure you want to buy this pencil?”

The boy said in a louder voice, “Yes”

They both went home and the boy hold the pencil and was talking with his mother.

This pencil is so unique.

His mother suggested him use it or keep it as a treasure.

Then they both went to sleep.

The boy was curious to use the pencil and before sleeping, he draw a leaf.

After drawing a beautiful green leaf he fell asleep and decided to show it to his mother in the morning.

The next day when he woke up he told his mother to come and see his drawing.

Mother went to her room and the boy brought the paper where he drew the leaf.

The leaf was not there on the paper as it fell on the ground.

The boy searched all the pages but didn’t understand where the leaf has gone.

His mother told him to forget it and come for breakfast.

The boy was confused so again he draw a leaf and as he finished his drawing the leaf come to life.

He didn’t believe in his eye so he draw an apple and then it also came to life.

So ran to his mother and told him what happened.

Then his mother told him to draw a cake and when he draw a cake the cake came to life.

Mother was shocked and she had an idea.

She told her son not to misuse the power of the pencil but rather help the ones who are in need.

So they went to the needy and what they need they draw with the pencil and that comes to life.

Then they donate it to the needy.

As they helped all the needy, they decided to return the pencil because they don’t want to be greedy.


No heroic act is motivated by greed.


We see in life how people become greedy but if the heart is pure and has control then no one in the world will stop you.

So keep your heart pure and be kind to everyone then only you will become a good human being.

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