Secret of Success old wise man walking in the park

Secret of Success

Here’s a Secret of Success Inspiring Story where the man named Jack come to know the secret of success is to focus on progress not perfection.

Once there’s a man named Jack.

Jack was an average guy but not too talented.

He was worried about his future.

He had big dreams he wanted to be successful and make a name for himself.

However, he didn’t know how to achieve that but he tried everything and took risks but nothing seems to be working.

He saw others around him who seems to be doing much better but it couldn’t help.

One day Jack was sitting in the park there he met an old man.

The old man seems to be very wise, the old man asked Jack what do you want from life.

Jack replied I want to be successful.

The old man smiled and said I can tell you the secret to success but you have to promise me that you will follow it.

Jack agreed and the old man said the secret to success is to focus on progress, not perfection.

He didn’t understand what the old man meant.

The old man explained success is not about being perfect it’s about making progress every day if you focus on perfection then you will never be satisfied.

But if you focus on progress even small steps you will eventually reach your destination.

Jack was amazed and he realized that he was chasing perfection all along and that was why he was always feeling frustrated.

He decided to follow the old’s man advice and started focusing on progress.

At first, the progress was slow but as he kept going he noticed that he was getting better every day.

He was learning new things, gaining new skills, and becoming more confident.

After a few months, Jack started seeing results he got a promotion at work, he started a side business and he even met the love of his life.

He was now happy with his life.


The secret of success is to focus on progress, not perfection.


We see in life how people work on perfection and then blame God.

If you focus on progress then one day you will be successful.

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