The Miser Story of the box of gold dig under ground

The Miser Story

Here’s The Miser Story where the miser man who counts his gold coins everyday but never spends it one day his gold coins are stolen.

Once there lived a miser person in the village.

He earned gold coins by some or the other mean.

And collected gold in a box and that box he kept it at the outskirts of the village.

The box of gold kept underground so that no one knows how many gold coins he has.

Every day he used to go to the outskirts of the village.

He digs the ground and count the number of gold coins.

Every day he used to dig the ground and take out the box full of gold coins and count every penny.

Then he keeps the box in the hole cover it and returns to the village.

One day a thief spied on the miser person to see where he goes.

One day the thief followed the miser person and saw that the box of gold was hidden there.

That night when the miser man went after counting the gold coins.

The thief dug the ground and took the box with him.

The next day when the miser man went to check his gold coins he saw the hole was empty.

He started crying loud that gold coins stolen.

After crying for some time one man was passing by who stopped hearing the sound of crying.

He asked the man why are you crying?

The miser person replied my box of gold stolen by the thief.

The man said why do you put your gold coins at the outskirts of the village instead you can keep them at your home and when you want to spend money then you can take them out easily.

The miser man replied the gold coins are not for spending.

After listening to this the man took a big stone and threw it into the hole.

And said see what is the difference between your gold coins and this stone.

Both are there at their place with no use.


Saving money and spending wisely is a good sign but if you are keeping and not spending it will neither help you in living nor help you after death.


We see in life, people become kanjoos we say in Hindi.

But they forget that we are in this world for a short period of time so live wisely help the poor, and spend when there is need.

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