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Story of Monk

Here’s a Story of Monk through which the monk convey the message of peace and presence of silence in mind to overcome every situation in life.

Once there was a very wealthy young man.

He came to the monk very frustrated with his life and want to know who he is.

The monk listened and asked him, “what problems are there in your life”

The young man told he is fed up with his wife, wine, money and wants to know himself.

The monk then asked, “Is there anything which you like the most or something in which you get fully absorbed”

The young man replied, “Yes Chess, everything I lost except chess

The monk called one of his servants who was meditation for 12 years.

The monk told him that bring me a board of chess.

The servant was once thinking what was it but after some time, he knew about chess.

He was meditating for 12 years for which he forget about the world and its belongings.

He bought the chess and sat at the side of his master.

The monk told the young man this is your last game of chess, if you won then your life will be beautiful but if you lost then your head will cut.

The young man was surprised and thinking of escaping from that place but then he thought to face the challenge.

As the game starts the young man fearing his death and worried about his life.

The monk’s servant without any hesitation on his face and with his calm mind started to play.

The young man then thought that death is truth and every soul has to taste death.

After thinking the fear left his mind and he played chess as he was one of the part of the game.

Starting, he was defeated but after he started playing so well that he turned the game and the young man was on the way to winning.

As he was winning he thought that the monk’s servant will sentenced to death if he lose.

Then the young man started playing wrong moves so that the good monk who has put his purity of mind in silence would win.

Then the young man felt something in his heart which he didn’t know about.

As the monk was sitting near he saw that the young man was playing the wrong move he stood up and he threw the board in between the game.

The young man shocked but the monk’s servant was quiet and didn’t respond.

Then the young man told about his feelings and the monk offered him to come and join his monastery where he will forget about the world and its belongings.

The young man asked why your servant didn’t respond.

The monk replied he already has his soul in heaven.

The man then left the world and came to the monk for peace within him.


Our big enemy is not outside its inside which makes us think about the advantages and disadvantages. If we don’t worry about the result then our inner peace would get any harm.


We see in life how people faced problems and then run from them.

If we won’t think of the result then our mind will peaceful and the worry will gone.

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