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Sage Wisdom inspiring story

Sage Wisdom

Here’s a Sage Wisdom Inspiring Story where the sage was famous for telling fortunes but when the king got angry the sage used his wisdom. Once there was a famous sage who lived in a village. He was famous for telling fortunes and everyone in the village knew about him and the accuracy of his […]

God Helps Those Who Help Others so ticket collector checking tickets

God Helps Those Who Help Others

Once there was a girl who was traveling on a train. The train contains many other passengers so all the seats were full. The train stopped and an old man entered the train. It started and he was searching for an empty seat. When he came near the girl searching for the seat the old […]

Truth Of Life saint begging for food
Zen Story

Truth Of Life

Here’s a Truth Of Life Inspiring story where we know the real truth of life that is our faith and the honesty is the rain and wisdom is plough. Once there was a very rich farmer who invited all the people of his village for lunch. The guest arrived and all started to eat the […]

Master And Disciple stayed a night at a house

Master And Disciple

Once there was a master and a disciple. They were crossing a village and the sun sets. So the disciple said the master to take some rest. The master agreed to the disciple as it was dawn. They knocked on the nearby door and asked if they would allow them to stay for a night. […]

Karma Story monk meditation
Zen Story

Karma Story

Here’s a Karma Story where good deeds of the young monk result in the increase of the life expectancy. So do good deeds and live life happily. Once two monks lived deep inside the forest. One was the old monk and the other was a young monk. The old monk was a believer in Buddhist […]

Angry Man Story on meditation
Zen Story

Angry Man Story

Here’s an Angry Man Story where he spitted on the face of the priest and then searching for him to forgive him. What the priest said let’ see. There lived a very renowned priest of that time. He was traveling from village to village to spread his teachings. One day he went to a village. […]

Ghost Story For Kids

Ghost Story For Kids

Here’s a Ghost Story For Kids where the ghost completes work within minutes and if the work is not given to him what will happen let’s see. Once there was a tantric who caught a ghost and wanted to sell it. He went to the town where he met a rich man. The rich man […]

Story Of Buddha the muddy water

Story Of Buddha

Here’s a Story Of Buddha where one of his disciples get knowledge of how to handle the mind when it is not settles. let’s see what happens. Once upon a time lord buddha was crossing a village with his disciples. The day was very hot so lord buddha decided to take a rest. With all […]

Dervish Story who was smiling

Dervish Story

Here’s a Dervish Story who was sitting between the crowds and smiling and the rich man saw him and what is the reason behind your happiness? Once a rich man lived in a town. He has two cars in which bodyguards were there to protect him. When he was passing by the local city market. […]