Two Headed Bird ate the poisonous tree

Two Headed Bird

Here’s a Two Headed Bird Story where two headed bird fight in ego and due to their ego the bird died. let’s see what happens.

Once there was a bird with two heads.

They have two heads but share the same stomach.

They lived near the river on a tree.

One day when they were flying first head saw something to eat and came down to the earth.

He started eating the fruit which was looking sweet but as the second head wanted to eat the fruit the first head didn’t allow the second head to eat.

The first head told the second head in ego I have seen this fruit first so I will only eat and why do you want to eat fruit if I am eating.

You don’t know that we are sharing the same stomach.

If I eat then the food will go to the stomach so no matter who eats.

The second head didn’t tell anything at that time and was seeing the first head eating.

When the first head finished eating they both flew to the sky.

After some time the second head saw a tree and he landed on the surface.

The second head went near the tree to have its fruit suddenly the first head shouted.

You don’t know that this tree is poisonous and you want to eat the fruit of this tree.

The second head said we are sharing the same stomach if I eat then you will know what will happen.

The first head warned and said in ego you are doing wrong.

The second head said oh see who is telling me the wrong one who eats the fruit himself now stopping me to eat fruit.

The first head shouted not to eat the fruit but the second head in arrogance ate the fruit of the poisonous tree and the bird with both the head died.


The Ego is the enemy of a human being. the decision taken in ego will destroy now or then.


We see in life how family destroy their relationship in ego but if they talk while sitting then the solution will be taken out.

The decision in ego is very harmful to everyone.

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