Sage Wisdom inspiring story

Sage Wisdom

Here’s a Sage Wisdom Inspiring Story where the sage was famous for telling fortunes but when the king got angry the sage used his wisdom.

Once there was a famous sage who lived in a village.

He was famous for telling fortunes and everyone in the village knew about him and the accuracy of his fortune-telling skills.

As he was getting famous the king of the village came to know about him.

He asked his ministers and they suggested the king meet the sage.

So The king sent his servants to call the sage.

As the sage got the message from the king he was ready to meet the king.

When sage came the king greeted him with respect and offered him a seat in his court.

Once the sage was comfortable then the king asked the Sage to tell him about his future.

After looking into the king’s horoscope Sage started telling the king about his fortunes.

king was very happy after listening to his good things which is predicted by the sage in the future.

The king rewarded the sage with gold coins.

Now the king asked the sage to tell him about his misfortunes.

As the sage started telling the misfortunes the king got angry.

At one point he got so angry that he told Sage to keep quiet and stop telling nonsense.

The king pulled out his sword and pointed toward the sage and said I order you to tell me the time for your death.

Sage saw the king was so angry and after doing some calculations he calmly replied, “According to my calculations, my death will take place just an hour before your death.”

As the king listened he realized his mistake.

He sends the sage to his home with more wealth.


Every action has an impact so choose wisely.


We see in life how people fall into problems and sometimes they even get a death sentence.

So, think wisely so that you can overcome any problem in your life.

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