Story About Stars in the Sky to see the future

Story About Stars in the Sky

Here’s a Story About Stars in the Sky where an old man see the future by looking at the stars. let’s see why the story got so funny.

Once there was an old man who lived in a village.

He pretends to see the future looking at the stars.

The old man was very famous in his village and even people come from nearby villages also.

He was so famous that everybody wants to see his future.

So they all come to the old man and tell them their future.

One day when the old man was walking in the streets of the village.

He was looking at the stars and he thought that he has seen the world will end soon.

His eyes were fixed to the stars thinking what would happen if the world will end.

He was walking looking at the stars and suddenly the old man didn’t see the drain which was open and fell into it.

As soon as he fell he started screaming and the sound gathered the villagers and the old man saved.

When he came out of the drain everyone asked the old man, “You didn’t see the drain which was open”

The old man said to the villagers he saw in the stars that the world is going to end.

After listening to this all the villagers started laughing at him.

He was surprised to see them laughing which was just the opposite reaction of the old man.

One of the villagers said, “A man who didn’t see the drain was open and fell into it is seeing the future that too the world is going to end”

The other villager said, “an old man who cannot see the drain which is near his feet will see the future and continued to laugh”

One of them told this is a lesson for you old man first see what is there right in front of you which is present and let the future will take care of itself.


Yesterday is history tomorrow is a secret but today is a gift that is why it is called present.


We always do things that will satisfy us in the future.

But we forget our present and destroy our present to make the future.

There is only one life so spend it to the fullest with enjoyment and remember the God who created us.

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