wise old man story

Wise Holy Man Story

Here is a short story of a Wise Holy Man who lived in the mountains and everyone knows him. The young man will meet him but Let’s see what comes next.

Long ago, news spread all over the country about a Holy Man who lived in a mountain house.

So a young man from that area decided to embark on the difficult journey to visit him.

When he came to the house, the old servant opened the door and greeted him.

The young man said, “I have come an extended way, and now i would like to ascertain the Wise Holy Man“.

The servant smiled and let him in.

As they walked into the house, the man from the village looked breathlessly into each room expecting to meet the famous Holy Man.

Before long, they had gone through the house, the servant and the young man standing outside the door again.

“I wanted to ascertain the saint ,” said the young man to the servant.

Replied the old man, “You already did young man”.

The young man got confused to what the servant was telling.

The young man didn’t find the Holy man so he decided to search him outside but failed to find.

As he was in a ego to find the holy man who was very famous so he rested there a while and when he thinks with his cold man that servant told him.

Then he understands.

“Everyone you meet in life, even if it seems normal, sees each one of them as a Holy Man. If you do this, then any problem you bring here today will be solved ”.


Major challenges require that we overcome obstacles within and out.

The conclusion

In this story, the young man was able to conquer a long mountain trail, but he did not try to surpass his ego.

The oldest servant himself was the Holy Wise Man.

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