spiritual short stories about saint

Spiritual short Stories

Here’s Spiritual short Stories in which saint reply to the angels that everyone must read it. the saint reply to the angels were. let’s start the story.

Once there was a saint who lived on the earth.

For his kindness, forgiveness the angels came to earth to see the work of the saint.

The saint was described with two words one is to forgive everyone and the other is the gave what he has to the needy.

The angels saw him and returned to god and asked God, “would you grant a miracle to the saint?”

God replied, “first ask him what he wished.”

The angels returned to earth and asked the saint that “God will grant you the gift of miracle thought you can heal the one who is sick when you touch.”

The saint replied, “No let god do that.”

Again angels said, “God will grant you the power through which you can turn the guilty soul to its right path.”

The saint replied, “No that’s not my work it’s of angels.”

Again angels said, “God will grant you the gift of miracle through which you will will be shown as the model of patience and the men will get attracted by the virtues.”

The saint replied, “If the men will attracted by me then they will not have faith in the God

The angels told to the saint if you will not choose any of the gifts of a miracle then the gift will forced upon you.

The saint told ok then I will do good as done before but the miracle you do without knowing to me.

The angels thought and then they formed the shadow at the back of the saint or side by side.

When the saint walks, the shadow of the saint fall on the ground gets greenery and fresh plants grow.

The shadow has also the power to cure patients, relax pain and remove sorrow.

The saint resumes his life as it was earlier and without knowing him his shadow does all the miracles.

After some time when people know about it they don’t talk about it.

The people call that saint by the name ‘the holy shadow’.


No ego should be there nor temptation. The heart should be pure and peaceful.


We see in life how we have an ego and don’t see anyone In front and say bad things.

We must have a pure heart like the saint.

Always forgive the one who wants to take the right path.

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