Monk and Woodcutter Story where monk shows the way to go ahead

Monk and Woodcutter Story

Here’s a Monk and Woodcutter Story where the monk has shone the way to woodcutter to achieve money and prosperous in life.

Once in a village, there lived a woodcutter who was very poor.

He used to go to the forests and cut wood.

Then he sells it and earns his living.

The woodcutter was so sad that he is poor.

One day he heard that a monk came into his village.

He decided to visit the monk and ask why is he so poor?

He went to the monk and asked the question, “why am I so poor and what is the solution to come out of it”

Monk replied, “Go Forward”.

The woodcutter thought of going ahead so the woodcutter started walking forward.

After walking for many days, one day he got a small forest of sandalwood.

After seeing the forest he was very happy.

Then he cut the sandalwood trees and sell them in the market.

Selling the sandalwood he got rich.

After earning so much he thought that the monk had told him to go forward.

Then he started to move forward and then he discovered a gold mine.

He started selling the gold in the market and become prosperous.

Then one day he thought that the monk had told him to go forward and he again started walking.

After that, he found a mine full of ruby, pearls, and diamonds.

Then he becomes the richest man in that area.

He was very happy but he was thinking that the monk knew that there was so much money by walking forward then why the monk has not gone forward?

He searched the monk and meeting him he asked him why have you not gone forward if there was so much wealth?

The monk replied, “you have achieved the wealth and I have gone more further than rubies and diamonds and ahead there is such an achievement where diamond and rubies are equal to mud and clay”

The woodcutter asked, what was that?

The monk answered the name of God who creates us, nature, and the universe.

After listening to this the woodcutter’s wisdom awakened and understood the real meaning of life.


Everything is just mud and clay without the name of God.


We see in life how we often forget to take the name of God and forgets to remember who has given us this beautiful life, the resources, and everything.

So from now on start remembering god, start praying and visit your worship places.

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