Story Of Buddha the muddy water

Story Of Buddha

Here’s a Story Of Buddha where one of his disciples get knowledge of how to handle the mind when it is not settles. let’s see what happens.

Once upon a time lord buddha was crossing a village with his disciples.

The day was very hot so lord buddha decided to take a rest.

With all his disciples he took the shed of the tree and rest for some time.

Lord Buddha was so thirsty so he asked one of his disciples to get him some water to drink.

Where they were resting there’s a small lake so the disciple decided to bring some water for my lord from there.

He immediately stood up and went to the lake.

He saw the buffaloes were talking bath on the other side the bullock was crossing from the lake.

When the bullock was crossing the lake, the mud came up to the surface.

The disciple thought that he can’t take the muddy water for his lord.

He went away to lord buddha and said the water is not muddy so what to do.

The lord buddha told his disciple to take some rest.

After some time lord buddha told the same disciple to bring some water from the lake.

When the disciple went to the lake he saw the water very clear and the mud settled at the bottom of the water without any effort.

So he began collecting the water in the pot and brought it to lord buddha.

Lord buddha drank the water and asked what did you see?

The disciple explained what he saw now.

Lord Buddha said, “This is how our disturbed mind so let it be, give some time to settle it down. You need not do anything to settle it down. And then we can take any decision once the mind is calms down.”


Sometimes the solution to the problem is just “Let it be”.


We see in life how people make decisions when their mind disturbed and it results in the arrogance or breaking down of relations.

So give some time to settle the mind and then make a decision when the mind calms down.

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