the disciple holding the magical mirror

The Magical Mirror

Here’s The Magical Mirror story where the disciple knew that everyone has demerits but when he saw his own demerits he was shocked.

Once there’s a gurukul situated near a village.

One of the disciples had completed the study and was about to leave the Gurukul.

The master of that gurukul impressed with the disciple and gifted him a magical mirror.

The mirror was not an ordinary mirror but a magical mirror that could see the true thoughts of the mind and heart of a person.

The disciple was very happy when he received the gift from his master.

When he got the mirror, in a hurry of testing it he turned the mirror towards his guru.

Bad qualities like attachment, arrogance, etc were clearly visible in his master’s heart.

The disciple shocked after seeing this.

He told to himself, “The master himself is full of demerits whom I considered to be my ideal.”

The disciple became very sad.

So, to test the mirror he went to his friends and tested the magical mirror on them.

Everyone’s bad qualities were visible in the mirror.

Now he went to his home thinking that everyone in the world was so bad.

His father holds a great reputation as he involved in social work and his mother was very kind.

So, he tested the mirror on his parents.

He found that even his parents are not completely free from demerits.

Very upset, he picked up the mirror and straight away went to the gurukul.

He went to his master and complained that everyone in this world filled with demerits and not a single person I found with a pure heart.

Listening to this the guruji laughed and he turned the mirror towards the disciple.

Seeing the result, he stunned.

The mirror showed that the disciple’s heart and mind were not pure it was filled with attachment, hatred, and anger.

The master said, “I gave you this mirror to see your bad qualities and to improve it, if you have spent this much time in improving yourself as you spent seeing bad qualities to others then your personality and life would have changed.”


Remember your own faults before you mention the faults of others.


We see in life how people don’t look to their faults and blame others.

So, see yourself that you are right or not then blame others.

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