Struggle Story of a mother who works for her daughter

Struggle Story

Here’s a Struggle Story of a mom works as a cloth cleaner and clear all her daughter’s fees till post graduate. let’s see what happen next.

Once there was a girl who came as a candidate for an interview.

After clearing the first round and now she was at the last round which was an interview.

The director took her CV and asked the girl who have passed with distinction from class 10 to postgraduate.

Director asked, “Did you obtain a scholarship in school?”

She replied, “No” the director asked, “your father pays your fee?”

The girl replied, “No my mom” he asked, “Where did she work?”

The girl replied, “she worked as a cloth cleaner”

After listening to this the director asked her to put forward her hands.

Seeing the hands which were smooth and soft so the director asked you don’t help your mom with her work.

She replied my mom doesn’t allow me to work she only tells me to study and read more books.

The director said to the girl, “Go home and wash your mother’s hand then wash the clothes of your mother”

The girl went home and did what the director told her to do.

When she was washing the hand of her mom her hand was like a scrub.

Her mother was surprised but also happy to see her washing her hand.

When she was cleaning her mother’s hand at many points she shivered due to pain.

When she cleaned her mother’s hand she saw that there were some remaining clothes.

So she washed the remaining clothes and that day her mom took some rest.

The next day when she went to the director he asked, “What did you see by washing your mother’s hand”

The girl tears were dropping and said, “I cleaned her hand and the remaining clothes”

The director replied, “I am talking about feelings

She said I saw the pain in her hand and she was very happy yesterday with my behavior.

How she worked and paid my fees of studies till post-graduate so I understand the relationship of family and the work she did.

The director said this is what I was looking for my manager.

The manager is one who understands the pain of every employee and then solves it.

So you are recruited as manager of our company.


By sitting in comfort we can’t understand the real pain who are working for our better lives.


The toughest thing to do is to feel the real difficulty of pain that is behind our comforts.

So feel the real relationship of your family and respect each member of your family.

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