Old Man Story who always remains sad

Old Man Story

Here’s an Old Man Story who always remains sad and gloomy but one day he decided not to be happy that day he was very happy.

Once there was an old man who lived in a village.

All villagers know him because of his nature.

He always remains sad and when some want to talk to him he used bad words.

He still remains sad and gloomy all day.

All villagers decided not to talk to the old man because of his behavior.

The villagers started avoiding him but when he goes anywhere he start saying poisonous words and the people had to leave the place.

Everybody got tired of his behavior.

Whenever he meets anyone he talks about how this world is so bad no happiness only gloomy people.

Happiness has ended in the world and no one cares everybody is looking at their own life.

One day a rumor starts spreading everywhere that the old man who was gloomy and bad now he becomes happy.

Whoever listened didn’t believe in the words so everybody in the village decided to meet the old man.

Everyone in the village started to gather and went to the old man to see him.

The old man when came out of his house he was happy and smiling.

Everyone sees his smile and was shocked because the old man who always remains sad today the old man is smiling and in a happy mood.

Everybody wants to ask only a single question about how he had changed himself completely.

The old man replied today is the day when I was born and now I am 80 years old.

From starting till now I was searching for happiness and spoiling my life but didn’t find happiness.

So I decided to live life without happiness and see how I am all good with a smile and happy face.

In search of happiness, I forget to live life but now I understand that happiness is not necessary, to live and enjoy your life to the fullest.


Happiness is a direction, not a place and it’s not outside it’s within you.


We see in life how people live life in search of happiness but they forget to search within themselves.

Happiness is not outside it’s inside so live your life to the fullest.

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