God Helps Those Who Help Others so ticket collector checking tickets

God Helps Those Who Help Others

Once there was a girl who was traveling on a train.

The train contains many other passengers so all the seats were full.

The train stopped and an old man entered the train.

It started and he was searching for an empty seat.

When he came near the girl searching for the seat the old man felt tired.

She saw the old man was tired and he didn’t get the seat so the girl stood up and offered him her seat.

The old man told the girl that he has a ticket without a seat.

The girl smiled and said I too have a ticket without a seat so it’s ok, you can sit.

The tired old man sat at the seat and the girl was standing.

He said to the girl that it would be nicer if whoever have this seat didn’t come here.

The old man asked the girl, “How much time left to your stop?”

The girl replied, “I have five more hours to go, not that much.”

The old man said if you feel tired then please tell me.

The girl said don’t worry about me.

The time came when the ticket collector came to check the tickets.

As he asked the old man for his ticket it was without a seat but the seat owner didn’t come so he didn’t tell anything.

But when he asked the girl who was standing beside the old man and when she gave him the ticket, it printed the seat number in which the old man was sitting.

The girl signals the ticket collector not to tell the old man.

The ticket collector get close to her ears and said you are a very kind girl and there is a free seat available at the next compartment, you still have a lot to go so let me take you there.

The girl agreed and she took both her sticks and she walked with the help of those sticks.

When the ticket collector saw her, he got shocked and the people were ashamed.


Real kindness is when you are ready to give up something that you need yourself.


We see in life how people don’t help others but the one who helps are being helped by God.

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