Story of the King and his Three Sons

Story of the King and his Three Sons

Here’s a Story of the King and his Three Sons where King has to decide whom to give his throne. let’s read story why king gave them 100Rs?

Once there was a king who has three sons.

Knowing that his time came he thought of giving his throne to one of his sons.

He thought for days and decide how to select the person who will be the next king.

The next day he called his three sons and gave each one of them 100Rs and allotted a room to each of them.

And said, “I will come after a week and I want you all to fill your room with the help of 100Rs”

The king’s son agreed, and then the king left.

The elder brother thought that father told us to fill the room so I will fill it with money but the time is very small.

So he thought of gambling so that he can earn more money in less time.

The middle brother thought that with 100Rs nothing can fill the room but one thing he can do.

He thought that the cheapest thing is garbage and he can almost fill the room with garbage.

The younger brother went to market bought candles and fragrances.

When one week passed the king arrived to see his three sons.

The elder brother was sitting outside the room and when his father asked what happened.

He replied, “I lost the money on gambling so I can’t fill the room with money”

The king replied, “If I will give you the throne you will lose my kingdom in gambling”

Then he went to his middle son. when he went near his room the room was smelling very bad.

King asked, “what is inside which is smelling so bad”

His son replied, “The room filled with garbage

The king was disappointed and at last he went to his youngest son’s room.

When he entered the room he smell a sweet fragrance and the candle was lit everywhere.

The youngest son said, “With the help of 100Rs I bought the candles and fragrance to fill the whole room with light and fragrance”

King was happy and decided to give him the throne.


All the resource we need is in our mind.


We see in our life how people think differently and take action according to it.

If we think big our goals will be big and our actions will also become big.

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