Faith In God Story man climbing the mountain

Faith In God Story

Here’s a Faith In God Story where the man who believes in God didn’t listen to God and lost his life. let’s see what happens.

Once there was a man who decided to climb a mountain.

On the decided day he went with his belongings to climb the mountain.

He didn’t even research or planned beforehand.

He started climbing the mountain and on reaching a certain height he took a rest and had some food.

While eating the food he thanked for what God has given him and also thanked him for making him see the beautiful scene from the height of the mountain.

The sun was about to set and he decided to take a rest at the night.

The next morning, he continued to climb the mountain.

Because of the clouds and height of the mountain, he couldn’t see anything but still, he continued to climb the mountain.

He thought God will guide and protect him with his faith he continued to climb the mountain but he didn’t know he was moving upwards, downwards, or sideways.

He continued to climb the mountain at night with the faith of God.

At a certain distance he encountered the edge, he slipped and fell into the air.

Falling at a great speed his mind was thinking of the death to come.

All of a sudden, he feels the rope tied to his waist pull him very hard.

Now he was not falling but still hanging in the air.

Only the rope was helping him to stay alive and in fear, he starts shouting, “Help me god”

The voice came from the sky, “What do you want me to do?”

The man replied, “Save me”

The voice said, “Do it exactly what I say you”

The man replied, “Of course whatever you will say I will do.”

The voice said, “Cut the rope tied to your waist. Free yourself and you will be saved.”

The man holds the rope tightly and the night was very cold.

Next day the rescue team found a body tied to the rope frozen and the hand was holding the rope tight.

He was hanging only three feet above the ground.


Do we really believe in God? If so, then trust God who created us then your life will become beautiful as God knows more than us.


We see in life how people say we trust God but they don’t and they end up losing up their life.

If you trust God then you must believe in his power.

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