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Sage Wisdom inspiring story

Sage Wisdom

Here’s a Sage Wisdom Inspiring Story where the sage was famous for telling fortunes but when the king got angry the sage used his wisdom. Once there was a famous sage who lived in a village. He was famous for telling fortunes and everyone in the village knew about him and the accuracy of his […]

God Helps Those Who Help Others so ticket collector checking tickets

God Helps Those Who Help Others

Once there was a girl who was traveling on a train. The train contains many other passengers so all the seats were full. The train stopped and an old man entered the train. It started and he was searching for an empty seat. When he came near the girl searching for the seat the old […]

Master And Disciple stayed a night at a house

Master And Disciple

Once there was a master and a disciple. They were crossing a village and the sun sets. So the disciple said the master to take some rest. The master agreed to the disciple as it was dawn. They knocked on the nearby door and asked if they would allow them to stay for a night. […]

Painting Story of mountains

Painting Story

Here’s a Painting Story where the boy named Yogesh was paining to please his master but when he painted to please him what happened lets see. Once a boy named Yogesh studied at an art school under the guidance of his master. Master taught Yogesh to paint, mix colors, and give shades. Yogesh was a […]

Old Man Story who always remains sad

Old Man Story

Here’s an Old Man Story who always remains sad and gloomy but one day he decided not to be happy that day he was very happy. Once there was an old man who lived in a village. All villagers know him because of his nature. He always remains sad and when some want to talk […]

story of monk peace

Story of Monk

Here’s a Story of Monk through which the monk convey the message of peace and presence of silence in mind to overcome every situation in life. Once there was a very wealthy young man. He came to the monk very frustrated with his life and want to know who he is. The monk listened and […]

spiritual short stories about saint

Spiritual short Stories

Here’s Spiritual short Stories in which saint reply to the angels that everyone must read it. the saint reply to the angels were. let’s start the story. Once there was a saint who lived on the earth. For his kindness, forgiveness the angels came to earth to see the work of the saint. The saint […]