Story On Truth of a dear fearing hunter

Story On Truth

Here’s a Story On Truth where to save the life of deer the sage told a lie who was famous for speaking the truth.

Once there was a sage who lived in a forest.

He was famous for his policy of always speaking the truth.

One day the sage was teaching his disciples about the importance of truth.

Suddenly a dear came and bowed down to the sage and asked him for help.

Then he went to the sage’s cottage in fear.

Then a hunter with a bow and arrow came to the sage.

He thought that the sage is famous for always speaking the truth so he will not lie.

He asked the sage about the deer.

The sage replied, “I was busy teaching my disciples so I haven’t seen any deer.”

Hunter went back to the forest thinking the deer went in the other direction.

The sage went inside his cottage and offer water to the deer.

The deer drank the water and thanked the sage.

The disciples who were seeing didn’t understand and were confused about what was happening.

When the sage came out, he asked the disciples you were confused why I told lie when I am teaching you to speak the truth.

The sage told the disciples, “When it comes to saving one’s life then you have to decide the correct way. By telling a lie I saved the life of a deer which may benefit the hunter after killing. And I didn’t hurt anyone by saying a lie.”

After that, the deer took the form of a God and blessed the sage.

The voice said I wanted to test the sage so I took the form of deer and you passed your test, sage.

God praised the true learning of sage.


Truth is the greatest virtue so never tell a lie but when it comes to one’s life then you have to act accordingly.


We see in life how people tell lies for their benefit.

So they are leaving a life of fear but the one who says truth will live a fearless life.

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