Painting Mistakes in crossroad

Painting Mistakes

Here’s a Painting Mistakes Story where painter got hundred of mistakes in his painting but when told to correct it what happened let’s see.

Once there was a painter who lived in a city.

He put up his painting on the street and everyone admired it.

People who look at the painting wouldn’t get tired of praising the work.

One day the painter thought what if the people who are praising at my face may take out mistakes at my back.

So he decided to put his painting at the crossroad and wrote whoever sees a mistake in the painting must put a mark at that place.

After putting the painting when he went to see his painting in the evening he saw hundred of marks were there.

He became very disappointed and quietly took his painting and went away.

This incident put a very bad effect on the painter.

He stopped painting.

He was avoiding meeting people and meetings.

One day one of his friends asked the reason for his disappointment.

The Painter narrated the story of that day and started crying.

After listening to his friend’s story he said to his friend, “Once again put up the painting at the crossroad.”

The painter agreed and when he was writing on the painting his friend stopped and said to write, “Whoever sees the mistake in the painting, correct it.”

In the evening the painter and his friend went to see the painting, it was the same painting which was put up in the morning.

His friend smiled and said, “understood? There are many fools who point out mistakes but there are some who correct it.”

There is no use in taking the opinion of the people because they don’t have time nor knowledge to correct it.

Now the painter understood his mistake and started painting.


We should never take the opinion of everyone but only from experts. Because they point out the mistake and also correct it.


We see in life how people who are passing by, judge only by seeing and not knowing anything.

So stop for some time point out the mistake and correct it so that the one will feel positive.

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