Dreamcatcher Story where spider makes web but a whole in the middle

Dreamcatcher Story

Here’s a Dreamcatcher Story where a leader of the tribe go to mountains for vision and insights. The spider gives the direction let’s see

Many years ago, there was a leader of the tribe.

He used to go to the mountains and sit in silence for vision.

He has a faith that in that mountain top there is a supernatural power who teaches them how to spend their life.

The leader of the tribe used to visit his master on the top of the mountain.

One day when he visited the mountain his master tells him the way of living life.

That day the learners saw that a spider came to his master and speaks.

The only way to live life is how good you were to others.

The spider said the only thing that matters is what you think because if you think of bad habits then you will one day become bad. But if you are thinking of good habits then your life will become beautiful.

If you all will think good then good things will happen to you.

If you are lost in your path then the only thing which shows you the way will be your good thoughts.

Then he explained the cycle of life and death.

He said one day everyone must taste death.

Here some of us will be good and some will be bad and the thing which will hurt you steer you will be your bad habits.

But if you think good then your action will be good and the result will also be good.

Then the spider made a big circle inside out with his web and left a hole in the middle of the circle.

And said if the good thought will come then it will stick to the web and if there are bad thought then it will pass through the whole which was at the middle of the circle.

Use this web to help yourself and your loved ones.

They all understood and then the leader came to his tribe and spread the enlightenment of knowledge to his people.


Every soul is pure but there are bad and good. If you decide good your life will be good and if you decide bad then your life will become bad.


We see in life how people don’t understand and do bad things.

Then only live in fear so that their gold and jewels would nobody steal.

So, you have to decide, bad habits or good habits.

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