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Monkey Story

Here’s a Monkey Story where the monkey don’t even know the reason behind the beating but they continue to practice for years.

Once five monkeys kept in a room.

In the room, there was a ladder and on the top of the ladder, bananas were hanging.

As one of the monkeys saw the bananas

He climb up the ladder as soon as he was about to reach the bananas.

The shower of cold water started.

The monkey climbs down and he notices that the shower stops.

Again the next monkey climbs the ladder for bananas then again the cold showers start and the monkey comes down.

Now they know that whenever they climb the ladder the cold shower starts raining.

So now no one was trying to climb the ladder.

Now the cold water rain was no more and one of the monkeys replaced.

A new monkey enters the room.

The new monkey saw the bananas and tried climbing the ladder but the other monkeys pull him down and beat him.

He doesn’t understand what was happening to him but he now understands that whenever someone climbs the ladder then he has to be beaten.

One by one the old monkeys were getting replaced.

Now no shower was there but whenever the new monkey climbs the ladder for the bananas then the monkey got beaten up by the other monkeys.

The monkey who was beaten up doesn’t know why he was beaten but when the other monkey climbs the ladder he starts beating that monkey.

Now all the older monkey’s replaced with the new monkey.

But no one even wants to try to climb the ladder.

Because what they understand is whenever someone climbs the ladder he has to be beaten.

So none was trying to climb and they don’t know why they were beaten.


Without knowing the actual reason for the practice, it continues even after the reason ends.


We see in life how elders say that it has been practiced for years and you had to do it.

So ask your elders why are they practicing that or what is the reason behind it.

In the above story, they are the monkeys who can’t speak but we are human beings so ask why?

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