Act of Kindness Story of bananas

Act of Kindness Story

Here’s a Act of Kindness Story the man helped the lady who was alone selling bananas taught a lesson never bargain with vendors near roadside.

Once a businessman was returning from his office.

He forgot to buy the bananas that his wife told him to bring.

He suddenly saw a lady selling bananas at the roadside.

The man stopped his car and decided to buy bananas from her.

As he usually buys bananas from the store but today he crossed the store and decided to buy the bananas from the lady.

The lady was ill but still, she was selling bananas.

The man asked the price to which the lady replied, “$7 for 1kg bananas.”

The man told to the lady as I buy bananas from the store which costs me $5.

The lady told, “I cannot afford the price but I can give it for $6.”

The man replied, “Now the price is affordable.”

The man bought 2kg bananas for his wife.

Some days later when he needed to buy bananas he went to the shop picked up a bunch of bananas and went to the cashier to pay the bill.

Then he came to know that the price of the bananas increases to $10.

The man said to the cashier I am your old customer so I need some discount.

The cashier replied, “You know that we sell at a fixed price so there is no way to give a discount.”

The man went out of the shop without buying the bananas.

He went to the lady where he once bought bananas.

The lady welcomed the man and the man packed 3kg of bananas and pay $10 for 1kg.

The lady didn’t take it but was ready to take $7 for 1kg.

The man buys the bananas from the lady.

The lady told, “her husband had a shop for fruits and when he fell ill they had to sell the shop for the treatment but unfortunately, he died. So I am doing my own for what I have and earn my living.”

The man took out his purse and gave her an extra $100 and told her to bring some more fruits and sell them.

The lady thanked the man and after that, the lady lead a happy life.


We don’t bargain in malls then why with the poor vendors.


We see in life how people bargain with the poor vendors but they can’t bargain in the malls.

The vendors are selling things in the sun, rain, and cold.

And what we do is just bargain and think that we are smart.

So stop bargaining and give the vendors their full money and if not give them some more money because they have only a single source of income.

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