Power of Practice, little girl's fire dance

Power of Practice

Here’s a Power of Practice where a girl who dreamt of becoming a fire dancer first fails and then practices with determination and succeed.

Once there was a little girl who lived in a forest.

She heard from her grandparents that there’s a fire dance held at their times.

So thought of becoming a fire dancer.

But she resulted in failure as the flame might burn his arm and couldn’t dance.

So, one evening she went to her grandmother’s cottage and found a book in which the steps were there for a fire dance.

She got excited and started practicing with the steps.

She spent hours in the meadow with sticks and colorful clothes.

At times the fire-stick falls but her determination burned brighter than any flame.

Seasons turned but her dance continued with sweat and determination.

Villagers would gather and could see her dance and everyone claps after her dance practice.

The villagers could feel the unspoken language between the fire and the girl.

One day a grand festival was announced where every village takes part.

The dance of the girl spread far and wide.

She was invited to perform her fire dance on the stage.

As the night was painted with stars, the girl stepped on the stage.

She took the ember in her hand and started dancing.

She hold the ember so tight that the flame didn’t stop burning and not a single time did the ember fall.

All the villagers watched the dance as it was performed many years ago.

After the dance got over everyone clapped, cheered, and waved at her as she does the dance which their ancestors do.

So, everyone was proud and the girl who dreamt of dancing with fire, succeed with her hard work and determination.


If you don’t practice you don’t deserve to win.


We see in life how people fail and they think that they are not made to be succeeded.

So the one who thinks so, can find the passion in them and work very hard to turn that passion into skill.

And if it happens then you get succeed.

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