The Fox and The Grapes Moral story of a vineyard

The Fox and The Grapes Moral

Here’s The Fox and The Grapes Moral Story where the fox tried many times but failed to reach the grapes and escaped by making excuses.

Once there was a furry fox that lived in a jungle.

He loved to eat food.

One day he was wandering around the forest in search of food.

He rubbed his stomach and said to himself, “I am so hungry, I need to eat something.”

The fox continued his search and he entered the vineyard.

But he didn’t recognize the grapes and went on in search of food.

As he was crossing the vineyard he smell the delicious grapes.

He stopped and looked around he saw the grapes in the vineyard.

The fox’s mouth was watering.

The fox saw the grapes and he was ready to eat all the grapes.

He ran towards the tree and jumped up to catch the grapes but the grapes were too high for him.

He tried and tried but he couldn’t reach the grapes.

He backed up, took a running start, and jumped.

But he did not get high enough.

He tried and tried but couldn’t get the grapes.

Finally, he gave up and told to himself that I am sure that those grapes were sour.

In fact, I don’t like grapes.

Why should I try so hard for those sour grapes?

The fox couldn’t reach the grapes and hence escaped by making excuses.

His stomach kept growing out of hunger and he has to go without eating anything.


You won’t achieve your goals if you give up by making excuses.


We see in life how people try and when they fail they try again.

After failing many times some accept their defeat by making excuses.

And some keep on trying until they achieve their goal.

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