Hare and Tortoise in a race Story Moral

Hare and Tortoise Story Moral

Here’s a Hare and Tortoise Story Moral where the hare who was so proud that he could win the race but what God decided let’s see.

Once in a forest lived animals.

They were united and they all were friends.

There lived a speedy hare who was very proud about how fast he could run.

All the animals in the forest knew about the speedy hare.

One day the hare was sitting and eating carrots under a tree.

He saw a tortoise walking slowly with a heavy shell on its back.

The hare started laughing at the tortoise. He mocked the tortoise for his slow speed.

As soon as the tortoise heard he stretched out his neck and challenged the hare to a race.

Of course, the hare again started to laugh.

The hare said to the tortoise, “A race you want to race with me then we shall race.”

The day all the animals came to know about the race.

So the next day all the animals in the forest gathered to watch.

The race began.

As the hare was a swift runner he ran as fast as he could and left the tortoise far behind.

After running some distance the hare stopped and looked back at the tortoise.

He cried out of laughter and told to himself how does he expect to win this race when he is walking along at such a slow speed.

The hare decided that he had time to take a nap and he sat under a tree and slept.

Meanwhile, the tortoise walked and walked and never stopped until he came to the finish line.

The animals were watching and cheering for the tortoise.

The cheering sound woke up the hare.

The hare thought that it was time to get going.

And ran faster than he had ever run before.

When he was about to reach the finish line he met the tortoise who was patiently awaiting his arrival.


Slow and steady wins the race.


We see in life how people praise themselves but God says don’t praise yourself because I know better who is the best.

So, there is God who knows everything and he decides whom to win and whom to lose.

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