Short Story About Trees old man planting tree

Short Story About Trees

Here’s a Short Story About Trees Inspiring story of an old man who was planting the tree at the age of 81 but couldn’t eat fruits.

Once there was a king.

One day he called the treasurer and said, “Whenever I say Very Good then give one bag of gold coins.”

So the king went on with his servants to hunt.

He went into a village and saw an old man planting a tree in his garden.

The king was confused and asked himself, “The man was old and at this age, he is planting a tree as he could not eat the fruits of that tree so why is he planting?”

The king continued his hunt and at the end of the day he called the old man to his palace.

The old man appears before the king.

The king asked the old man, “How much old are you?”

The old man replied, “81”

Then the king asked, “How many days it will take for the plant to bear fruits that you planted today.”

The old man thought for a while and replied, “Your majesty the plant that I planted today will fear fruits in 10-12 years.”

Again the king questioned the old man, “How many years do you think you can live?“

The old man replied, “I don’t know my lord if my time comes then I have to leave this world.”

Then the king asked, “There’s no way of eating the fruits of the tree that you planted today then why so much hard work in planting the tree? At this age you need to take a rest at home”

The old man replied, this is not correct if you noticed the big trees in my garden the trees are planted by my grandfather when he was my age.

Today I am still eating the fruits from the tree that my grandfather planted.

And I am planting the tree for my grandsons to eat the fruits of the tree.

After listening to his answer he was happy and said, “Very good very good.”

As soon as the treasurer heard he bought two bags of gold coins and gave them to the old man.

The old man said the plant I planted today will bear fruits after years but the reward I got today was in the form of gold coins.


Do good deeds and don’t think of the reward because one day you will get the reward in life or afterlife.


We see in life how people do good deeds and don’t think of the reward.

Their heart is pure so God sends help to those people.

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