Lion and The Fox Story where the baby fox is with lion's family

Lion and The Fox Story

Once there was a lion who lived in a jungle.

The lion lived with his wife and two children.

They had a happy family.

One day the lion left the cave and went to hunt so that his family could eat.

When he was searching for food he saw a baby fox in the bushes.

The baby fox was scared and trembling with his eyes closed.

The lion holds the baby fox in his mouth and brings him to his cave.

The mother lion was happy to see a baby fox and decided to adopt him.

Now the baby fax was added as a member of the lion family.

Both the cubs were playing with the fox and the days passed.

One day the mother lion was not in the cave so they came outside the cave and started playing.

Then an elephant passed by.

The lion cub became aggressive after seeing the elephant.

The baby fox got scared and ran inside the cave.

The lion cubs were very courageous and they kept roaring until the elephant ran away.

As the elephant ran away the baby fox with his bowed head came outside the cave.

As the lion and the lioness came the cub told the story of how the baby fox ran inside the cave and we faced boldly.

The baby fox started crying and said I don’t look like you nor act like you, so I want to return to my parents.

The lion consoled the baby fox that we would help him in finding his parents.

The next day they began to search for his parents and the fox found their parents.

The lion’s family stopped a short distance ago and told the baby fox to return to his family.


Life is incomplete without one’s own company.


We see in life how people go to different countries to work and when they come home then they feel the real value of their people.

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