Habit inspiring story of a potter who tied the donkey with a rope


Here’s a Habit Inspiring Story where the potter whose habit was to tie the donkey’s but one day he didn’t tied it and what happened let’s see.

Once upon a time, there was a potter who lived in a village.

He had many donkeys. He used all his donkeys to bring soil every day from morning until the evening.

After that, he makes pots out of that soil.

In the evening when he returned he used to take a rest under a tree.

He used to tie all his donkeys to a tree and then go to sleep for a while.

One day when he was returning back and as usual he was about to tie all his donkeys to a tree.

He noticed that he was one rope short of tying all the donkeys to the tree.

So he decided to take a donkey with him and keep an eye on him while resting.

But the donkey was making so much noise that the potter couldn’t get enough sleep and woke up.

Then a passerby was passing near the near and saw what was happening.

He could see that the potter couldn’t sleep because of the noises that the donkey made.

So he went to the potter and said to him that I will give you a trick.

The passerby said to take the donkey to his normal place and just pretend to tie a not around the tree.

The potter couldn’t believe his words but he thought of giving it a try.

So he took the donkey near the tree and pretended to tie a not around the donkey’s neck and to the tree.

He realized that the donkey was not moving.

So he went to the shade and slept for a while.

When he woke up he wanted to take all his donkeys to take home.

So he untied all the donkeys and started walking.

When he looked back he saw that the donkey which he pretended to tie a not was not moving at all.

He went near the donkey and tried to move him but failed to do so.

The passerby again was passing nearby and saw the potter so he went to him.

The passerby said o my dear friend as you pretended to tie a not, now you have to pretend to untie the donkey.

So the potter pretended to untie the donkey and the donkey started to walk.


If you want to change your world then you need to start cultivating good habits.


We see in life how some people learn good habits and some learn bad habits.

So it’s upon you as we are all tied by habits and If you want to be good in your life then we have to make them a habit.

Once It becomes a habit it becomes a part of your character.

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