Why Water is Important let's see the rain over the village

Why Water is Important

Here’s Why Water is Important story where villagers who planted trees to save in the rainy season and dig a pit to collect rain water.

Once there was a green village which was surrounded by forests and jungle.

The villagers were very proud that they did not have any kind of shortage of natural things.

Most of the villagers were farmers so they grew crops and lived a happy life.

One day the elder people were talking about the shortage of water.

So, a younger boy said that we have lots of water in the form of ponds, rivers, and lakes in our village.

There would be no shortage of water in the future.

One of the elders said fifty years ago it would rain much more than the last year and in the coming years, we are going to face a shortage of water.

Now all the people listening lost in thought and started thinking what to do now?

One of the elderly people said that we should plant more trees in the forest which would result in more rain and we should dig a big pit so that the rain water could be stored.

So, in the coming year, there should be no shortage of water in our village.

All the villagers went to the forest and planted more trees.

After six months the forest covered with trees and the villagers were waiting for the rainy season.

And when the rain came more water fell than before.

After the rain stopped the villagers gathered and told that it had rained more than the previous year.

Then the villagers saw that a few people were coming towards them.

One of them told that he was the head of a nearby village and came with fruits and sweets.

The head of the village thanked all the villagers for planting trees and due to this the nearby village saw rain after four years.

The elder person came forward and told the villagers I know that it will rain in our village like every year but due to the trees we cut from the forest, it was not raining in the neighboring village.

So due to this, we planted more trees and as a result, it rained in the nearby village.


Water is life so don’t waste it.


We see in life how people waste water because they don’t know it’s value.

So, if we save it then it’s for the benefit of a human being.

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