Victory is Beyond Fear dark cave

Victory is Beyond Fear

Here’s a Victory is Beyond Fear Inspiring story where the boy proves by entering into the scary cave that victory is beyond fear.

Once there was a very old and long cave near the village.

Every villager fears entering the cave.

Because everyone in the village heard that whoever entered the cave didn’t returned.

Some villagers believe that there is a scary soul who lives there.

Some believe that inside the cave lives a big demon who eats human beings.

One day a boy came to the village. He heard about the cave from the people of the village.

He heard that whoever went inside the cave didn’t returned.

So the boy decided to enter the cave and see what is inside the cave.

One of the villagers told him not to enter the cave because no one entered the cave due to fear and you are talking to enter the cave.

The boy said if the cave is fear then I must visit the cave because victory is beyond fear.

The boy was ready to enter the cave.

When he entered the cave he didn’t see anyone due to the darkness inside the cave.

When he continued his walk in the dark cave someone from behind pushes him.

Due to this, he fell to the ground.

When the boy stood up he saw two human beings and asked how they came here and when?

Both of them took the boy inside the cave.

The boy sees that there are luxuries inside the cave.

The cave was full of gold, diamond, and silver jewels.

The boy asked both of them if you entered the cave then why don’t you go outside the cave.

Both of them replied there are so much luxury inside the cave that our souls didn’t allow us to go outside the cave.

Then they said we pushed you because whenever we do so people run out of the cave with fear.

And when we pushed you we didn’t run and stood up.


Beyond fear lies victory.


We see in life how we fear people but the one whom we fear is God.

But what we do we fear people so stop fearing anyone except God.

Because he is only the giver and taker.

He will give you what is yours and one day when the times come he will take which belongs to him that is your soul.

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