Elephant and Ant where the ants are playing

Elephant and Ant

Here’s a Elephant and Ant Inspiring story where the elephant who was proud but when the ant entered his trunk he apologized.

Once there was an arrogant elephant lived in a forest.

He was very proud of his strength.

He would destroy the nests of the bird and uproot the entire tree.

And often thrash monkeys and could step on the rabbit.

All animals were upset with the arrogant elephant.

One day the elephant was returning after drinking water from the river.

At the same time, there was an anthill under a tree.

Nearby ants were busy working hard to collect food.

The elephant saw this and filled his trunk with water and poured it all on an anthill.

He destroyed the anthill.

The ants were not able to say anything to the elephant due to fear.

But among them, an ant got angry and said to the elephant, “What have you done you have destroyed the house now where shall we go?”

Listening to the ant the elephant replied, “Leave otherwise I will crust you under my feat.”

The ant said, “You must not trouble others like this if someone bothers you then you will understand.”

Who will bother me there’s no one in this jungle more powerful than me.

No one dares to say anything to me.

But if you dare to say anything to me again, then you will be killed.

The same evening elephant was sleeping under a tree and entered his trunk and started biting.

The elephant woke up in pain and began to shake his trunk here and there.

Seeing this the ant started biting him even more.

The pain became unbearable for the elephant and he started crying loudly.

At last, exhausted he fell on the ground and started crying and said, “Why are you troubling me what wrong have I done to you?”

The ant replied, “I am the same and whose house you destroyed. Now you understand how others feel when you bother them.”

The elephant apologized to the ant and promised him never to trouble anyone again.

Ant felt pity on the elephant and forgave him.


Arrogance and pride make you fall. So remain humble all the time.


We see in life how people talk arrogantly and hurt people.

So, remember if you are proud even to the size of a mustard seed, you will not go to heaven.

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