Moral of Thirsty Crow story where crow is picking pebbles

Moral of Thirsty Crow

Here’s a Moral of Thirsty Crow Story where the story proves that where there is a will there is a way. Let’s see how?

Once there was a crow who was very thirsty.

Flying for days he hardly gets to see any water.

One day when he was searching for water, he saw a pot and thought that the pot must contain water.

When he reached near the pot, he saw water and was very happy.

When he tried to drink the water, he doesn’t reach the water.

Because the water level was not up and when he put his head inside due to the narrow head of the pot he couldn’t drink water.

Then he tried to tilt the pot due to which the water will flow out and he will drink.

But he couldn’t do that because due to the water inside the pot, the pot was heavy to tilt.

He was so happy to get the water in the pot but was not able to drink the water.

He thought for a while then he saw pebbles near the pot.

Then his mind strikes and then he starts putting the pebbles inside the pot.

As the pebbles were falling inside the pot the water level started rising.

He didn’t lose hope and continued putting the pebbles inside the pot.

Then the water rises to the top of the pot and then the crow drank the water and flew away.

After so much hard work of putting the pebbles, the crow won his battle for water.


We must never lose hope no matter what the situation is, where there is a will there is a way.


So, guys what do you learn from Moral of Thirsty Crow story.

Some say they learned to think wise and intelligent some say due to the pot and pebble the crow finds its way.

But the right answer is “When the crow needs water he will do everything to drink the water no matter what and because he was thirsty so his will told him to put all your effort to drink the water inside the pot.”