Lion and Mouse Story Moral cave of the lion

Lion and Mouse Story Moral

Here’s a Lion and Mouse Story Moral where the lion who thinks the mouse to be useless but the mouse helped the lion when the lion got trapped.

Once in a huge forest, there lived a lion.

All the animals in the forest fear the lion.

No one even dares to go near the cave of the lion.

One day a little mouse was playing with his friends.

They were playing hide and seek.

The little mouse hid behind the tree but he was caught.

His friends told him that don’t cross the tree.

The mouse decided that now he will hide where no one could catch him.

The friend mouse close his eyes and ran in different directions.

The little mouse decided to run away from the tree and come back when they finished searching.

The little mouse ran as he could and entered the lion’s den.

He didn’t notice the den and went inside the den.

Little mouse went straight to the place where the lion was sleeping.

He touched the paws of the lion. he felt something sharp and when turned around he saw the lion was sleeping.

As he saw the lion from so close he started screaming.

The lion woke up with the noise of the little mouse.

The little mouse got trapped between the legs of the lion.

Lion saw the little mouse and said you are my evening snack today.

It’s good I need not go out to have a snack.

The little mouse pleaded dear king please leave I will help you someday.

The lion started laughing and he was feeling very sleepy so he leave the little mouse.

The mouse went fast as he could to the forest.

A few days passed when the little mouse was playing in the forest he saw the lion trapped in a net.

He went running to the lion.

The lion cried and told the mouse that the hunter have caught me and went to bring their vehicle.

Wasting no time the mouse started cutting the net to free the lion.

Finally the lion was free and thanked the mouse that a little friend can be more useful somewhere, someday.


Do not think anyone is small because a little friend can also do a great help.


We see in life how people think someone small and laugh at them.

But They are the ones who help them in their bad times.

So do not think someone is small and do not judge by their appearance.

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