The Farmer Story where all farmers are working

The Farmer Story

Here’s The Farmer Story where the farmer with his clever mind fulfill what he desires and won the challenge. Let’s read the full story.

Once there was a very rich merchant who owned lands, farms, and fields.

He was very arrogant and also a greedy merchant.

He had hundreds of workers who work for him but he dislike their living, their clothes.

So he didn’t allow any of the servants to come nearby.

One evening a group of farmers after irrigation sat and started to chat.

One of the farmers said I saw the merchant when he was passing by with his horse.

The other farmer said when I had to keep the bag of sack to his house then I saw he was standing near the window.

The third farmer laughed and said what if one of us will enter his house and had lunch with him.

The other farmer giggled and said it’s impossible as soon as he saw you outside his house he will throw you far away.

The farmer said I will make it possible if I desire.

Then the other farmer decided if he could do it then we will gift you three sacks of wheat and a bullock cart.

And if you failed to do so then you have to work according to us for a year.

The farmer accepted the challenge and the next day just before the evening meal the farmer went to the merchant’s house.

The servants near the merchant’s house ran to stop the farmer but the farmer want to meet the merchant.

He told the servants I have something good news for the master so the servants told, tell me and I will forward it to the master.

The farmer said this good news is only for the master.

The master asked about the farmer and after listening to good news from the farmer.

The master allowed to enter the house but he stood far.

The farmer said this good news is only for the master.

The master thought that the news will be important so he sent all the servants outside.

The farmer got closer and said in ears what is the price of gold as large as horse head?

The master asked why are you asking about the price of gold.

The farmer said if you don’t know then it’s ok, I am leaving and my meal is waiting for me at my home.

The master’s greedy thought came to his mind if that piece of gold would be mine so he offered him the meal in his house.

After eating the meal the master asked for the piece of gold and in return, he will give him many slices of bread.

The farmer said I don’t have any piece of gold, I only wanted to know the price of gold that’s it.

The master ordered, Get out you fool.

Before leaving the house the farmer replied the master I am not a fool! I had a meal at your expense and now won three sacks of wheat and a bullock cart.

I couldn’t have had done it if I were a fool.


Desire and cleverness lead to impossible, possible.


We see in life how people think of the impossible and don’t dare to do it.

But they don’t know the word impossible has possible in it.

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