Lion And Rabbit Story

Lion And Rabbit Story

Here’s a Lion And Rabbit Story where the clever rabbit fooled the foolish lion and proves that intelligence is superior than strength.

Once upon a time there lived a lion in a forest.

He used to kill the animals of the forest to satiate his hunger(bhuk mitana).

The animals of the forest were living in fear.

One day they all gathered and decided to call the lion.

The king lion arrived at the meeting.

They decided that every day one animal will be sent to the lion for his meal.

The king lion accepted it as he didn’t have to do anything as his meal will be in front of him.

Every day one animal will be sent for the meal.

One day it was the rabbit’s turn to go to the lion.

The rabbit was on his way and suddenly he saw a deep well filled with water.

He thought of a clever plan.

The rabbit arrived very late.

When he reached the king lion he asked why are you so late?

The rabbit told the king lion that on his way he saw another lion claiming to be the king of the forest.

The lion roared in great anger and decided to kill another lion.

The rabbit took him towards the deep well filled with water.

The rabbit pointed inside the well.

As the lion took a look inside the deep well he saw his reflection.

The king lion thought that the other lion is inside the well so he pounced inside the deep well to kill the other lion.

But the king lion got drowned in the deep well.


Intelligence is superior to physical strength.


We see in life how people work without using their brains and work their entire life.

On the other hand, the one who uses their brain work only some hours a day and makes a lot of money.

If someone thinks that money comes from hard work then you are wrong because if it’s true then the labor would be rich.

The money comes by the grace of God.

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